Teach Kids that Shoplifting IS Stealing!

Providing resources for:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Counselors
  • Social Service Professionals
  • Youth Leaders
  • Anyone who influences young people

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  12 Warning Signs Your Child            Might be Shoplifting

Help kids make good decisions and resist shoplifting

Our Shoplifting IS Stealing! program offers:

Shoplifting IS Stealing! BOOK

Shoplifting IS Stealing! Book Cover

The Shoplifting IS Stealing! BOOK  is an easy-to-use resource that explores:

  • Reasons why kids shoplift
  • How to identify behaviors that indicate a child may be shoplifting
  • Ways to talk to kids about shoplifting
  • How to help kids make better decisions
  • Why shoplifting is a GATEWAY CRIME to more serious crime​

Shoplifting IS Stealing! VIDEO

The story unfolds as Brian - a 17-year-old star athlete and convicted shoplifter - recounts how he first started shoplifting when he was 12. The video addresses the emotional, criminal and economic consequences of shoplifting. It is available in two formats:

  • DVD
  • Streaming​
Judy Whalen Founder & CEO

The Shoplifting IS Stealing! program is an ideal resource for parents, educators, law enforcement professionals, social service professionals, juvenile court officers, youth group leaders and anyone who influences young people. The fact that shoplifting is a GATEWAY crime to more serious crime is a compelling reason to help young people understand the consequences of shoplifting. Our goal is to help young people and adults live RICH lives filled with Respect, Integrity, Caring and Happiness. This program is one resource that can help kids and adults live RICH lives."

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