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Young people in today's world face many challenges...conflicting values, violence, juvenile crime, unsettled homes, etc. Our young people deserve a bright present as well as a bright future. They deserve people who care about them. They deserve a safe, happy nurturing environment.

And we deserve a bright future filled with happy, stable young people who are responsible citizens making contributions to society.

People like you and me can make a difference in the lives of our young people. We don't need special training. We don't need advanced degrees. All we need is the commitment to make a difference. By uniting with one another, forming "community" partnerships, developing and sponsoring preventive programs for young people and families, we can make a difference. We can be the force that helps young people live productive lives and avoid a life of crime. Together, we can be the driving force that makes the difference.  Join our CIRCLE of INFLUENCE!​

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Ou​r Mission

The mission of Shoplifting IS Stealing.com is to provide resources that help young people understand:

  • Shoplifting IS stealing.
  • Stealing is against the law.
  • There are consequences for choices and decisions they make.
  • Shoplifting is a gateway crime that can lead to a life of crime.​

Our History

The first version of the Shoplifting IS Stealing! video was launched in 1997. We produced that version "on a wing and prayer" with the generosity of volunteer time, filming and productions. It was originally a VHS format that we later transformed into CD, DVD formats as the technology changed. The original version of the video has sold throughout the US and six foreign countries. Our customers are parents, educators, law enforcement professionals, counselors, youth group leaders, chambers of commerce, the military, juvenile court officials and more.

In 2013, we launched the book and introduced the revamped version of the video.​

Looking Forward

We would love to completely revamp the video ...write a new script, re-shoot it, continue to work on reducing the length of the video, etc. The sales of the current products will help to fund that initiative. If you have ideas for the video, input for content, or suggestions for additional products or topics, please send your ideas or comments to judy@shopliftingisstealing.com

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