Shoplifting affects everyone – parents, children, communities, and businesses. We provide resources that can be used:

  •  At home by parents and families
  •  In school by educators and counselor
  •  In community settings by law enforcement, juvenile court officers, and youth leaders.

Our resources include:

The BOOK:  Shoplifting IS Stealing!™ Why Kids Shoplift & How  to 3D-cover-PBOOK003-cropped ProductsHelp Them Make Better Choices – A Guide for Parents, Teachers        & Communities ($16.97 value)

3D-cover-PBOOK003-cropped Products

The DVD: Shoplifting IS Stealing!™ DVD ($14.97 value)

3D-cover-PBOOK003-cropped Products

The FAMILY PROGRAM: Shoplifting IS Stealing!™ Family Program ($91.85 value available during Special Offer for only$47.97. )

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